Buyers with at least three years of experience in women's better apparel or accessories.  
Retail Sales:  
Salespersons with a minimum of two years experience in an upscale retail environment. Candidates should be sophisticated, educated and passionate about what is in vogue in fashion.  A well maintained customer book and good customer relationships from your previous retail job is a plus.  
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Candidate should be looking to bolster experience for resume working on all aspects of our e commerce website. Experience with digital photography, computer literacy and marketing skills will help you to secure this position. Hours are flexible.  
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We are seeking only the very best retail managers.Our standards are very high. Only those that consider themselves stars need apply. You need to be able to lead by example. Excellent people skills are a must. The ability to run, push and grow your business will be your everyday concentration. Tireless effort and a passion for retail must be the essence of your personality. Excellent salary and benefits are offered.  
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